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The most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer. Sophie's employees are trained and experienced in the most professional animal holding techniques around. Each of our groomers has ample experience in professional grooming and must sustain a high level of professionalism .  We work as a team, not as individual groomers, to ensure the best possible care and grooming experience for your pet.

We have a team of bathers that bath and rinse the animal thoroughly, including cleaning its ears, clipping and filing down the nails, expressing the glands, and hand blow drying before they hand them over to the team of finishing groomers.  The finishing groomers execute the haircut and/or the de-shedding process and add any final touches your pet might need before going home.  We accommodate all different breeds of dogs and cats and pay close attention to any specific directions or requests you may have.

Most of our customers come in for grooming on a regular basis and it is because of that consistency that we get to know the animals on a personal level and they feel so comfortable coming into our shop.

We also believe that pet grooming is more than just a pretty exterior.  We offer several solutions to keeping your pets teeth clean, eliminating their tear staining, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Canine CareEvery first Tuesday of the month we have our dental hygienist come to the shop to run her anesthesia free dentist clinic.  The Canine Care dental clinic provides full scale teeth cleaning for your pet without having to put them under anesthesia.  Their gentle techniques will leave you worry free when you drop them off.  Please call ahead to have your pet scheduled (909) 594-4092.

canine care

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